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Payment Methods

After placing your order you can make your payment with:

a). COD

You pay cash on delivery upon receipt by courier.


In the bank depository you must enter your full name as a reason.

For the fastest execution of your order you can contact via e-mail at or at +30 210 684 0500. For transaction via e-banking, make the PrintScreen confirmation of the transaction by transferring the corresponding amount to our account and send to Payment is made upon order

The bank accounts to which you can deposit money are:

✓ PIRAEUS BANK - Account 5054-053677-151 (IBAN code) GR 5701720540005054053677151

✓ NATIONAL BANK - Account 178 / 470637-44 (IBAN code) GR 62 0110 1780 0000 1784 7063 744

✓ EUROBANK - Account 0026.0006.41.0201647197 (IBAN code) GR3902600060000410201647197

Name of beneficiary: ALPHANETRIX LTD


Your transaction can also be made using a Credit Card. Installment is also offered with the use of your credit card, for purchases up to 600€ you can get 3 interest-free installments and for purchases over 600€ you can get 6 interest-free installments . You can also get up to 12 installments, for purchases up to 600€ the 4th installment will include interest rate and for purchases over 600€ the 4th installment will include interest rate too.

Your payments are supported by the Visa and MasterCard SecureCode cardholder certification services of Visa and MasterCard Payment Organizations respectively. These services are intended to provide you with additional protection when making web payments with your card, provided that they have been activated by the issuing Bank of the card you are using and if you have already obtained a personal code (pin) that you will use exclusively for payments on the web, following the instructions of your Bank. ATTENTION: Even if the issuing Bank of your card is not yet involved in the services and , your transaction will be normally accepted and executed safely. Select Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode for more information.