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Lenovo is one of the leading technology companies in the world and holds the highest performance in innovation in the computer industry, consistently winning awards. Lenovo has grown faster than the market because of its highly manufactured products designed to meet the needs of even the most demanding. Its customers use innovation to bring progress to the world and its products are made in this spirit. Acquisitions, partnerships with industry associations and investments in research and development, even in the low cycle, lead the company to stay ahead of market trends and offer a comprehensive product portfolio.

Lenovo's success is due to:

🗸 Wider range of its products

 🗸Efficiency based on the scale and final control of the supply chain.

 🗸Adaptive strategy for a very wide range of companies.

Making a difference in the Data Center

🗸Quality and reliability - Made to the highest standards. Designed for continuous productivity with Lenovo Data Center leading the way in adding greater customer confidence and satisfaction.

🗸Performance and flexibility - Lenovo's data center innovation drives developments across your organization, unleashing your business performance. The systems are designed from the ground up for today's critical shipment loads, providing the performance you require now and the flexibility you will need later.

🗸Security - Strict business processes that satisfy even the most demanding. Ensure software development throughout the life cycle to control the most transparent, controlled and secure supply chain in the industry.

🗸Support Services - Trusted consultants help you design the right IT strategy, providing expertise in evaluating, designing and optimizing your data center.

Uninterrupted Performance

🗸Powerful performance - Featuring the latest generation of Intel® Xeon® processors and NVIDIA® Quadro® professional graphics in dual and single processor systems.

🗸Excellent engineering and flexibility - The new generation ThinkStations provides power and flexibility with more input / output slots and the highest storage capacity in the industry.

🗸ISV Certification - Each workstation is controlled and certified by leading software vendors (ISVs) for the execution of Engineering, Architecture and Construction applications, including ANSYS Multiphysics, Autodesk CFD, Autodesk Revit, Bentley Auto PLANT, Creo CAM, Dassault ICEM much more.

Powerful Laptops

🗸Extremely simple to manage.

🗸Long battery life, amazingly fast USB-C Thunderbolt® ports and strong processing power always keep you alert.

🗸Excellent security features - Protect your personal data using your fingerprint.

Top Performance - Reliable Reliability

 🗸 Tiny size - Provides reliable performance at a professional level, while freeing up valuable office space.

 🗸 Maximum Performance - Designed to adapt to any environment and equipped with a 7th generation Intel® Core processor for maximum power.

 🗸 Dust Shield (Dust Protection Technology) - Dust protection option (optional) that reduces dust intake, for longer machine life and less maintenance.