We know this is a strange title. What to start with and what to mention first? Education concerning what? For whom; For all; Also how big is your company? Five people; One hundred people? More?

Okay, we can deal with that later. Let's look at the issue from the beginning.

The buttons you have to press to design air vents are the same for everyone.

The buttons you need to press to design piping? In fact, they are the same for everyone.

We spend years of our careers stressing about different scenarios, which we as engineers, architects and designers encounter on a daily basis.

It does not matter. The tools are the same for everyone.

Do you hold a hammer in your hand? Beat the nail until it is completely embedded in the wood.

Can you build a roof, fix a fence…, did you finish the DIY? The hammer is always a hammer and the nail is a nail.

Yes, we know there are different types of hammers as well as different types of nails, but do not distract us from our discussion now.

Anyone can learn how to use a hammer.

Delivery methods

There are a few different paths you can follow here. All these years I have used whatever way of delivery there is. I have even tried to give dance lessons. But do not worry, this is not included in the list below.

Video recording

I will start with my favorite. Video recording. The problem here is how you create the Video. It seems difficult, but in reality it is not.

The first step is to get either a headset with a microphone or a desktop microphone. I recommend the Yeti Blue USB mic as one of the best, which you see in the adjacent figure. You can order it online. As a sign-up program, I personally like Camtasia, but it costs around 300 euros. An alternative is Bandicam, which costs only 50 euros. Camtasia has the ability to correct the registration, while for this with Bandicam you also need Bandicut, which costs another 50 euros.

With either program you can create a complete Video. Even when you make a mistake, just pause and then continue down. Complete the Video and then fix it by cutting the "yyyy,", the coughs and in my case the sardams.

Once you have created a collection of short Videos (it should not be more than 5 minutes on average), you have really performed. Most companies have an internal SharePoint system, where you can upload them or simply send the links to various sites on their network.

Video meetings

This was never my second preference, but from 2021 the situations demand it.

This can be difficult. Zoom training when you can not see anyone's screen, if you do not allow it, requires patience.

My advice is to record the Video when you do. Then using your Video editing program, you can fix it by deleting that it is not worth staying in it.

Lifelong learning

Is this now possible? To be honest, I personally prefer video recording. But live education is simply still the best method. I know it can be aggravating. People sometimes need to travel, you have to take care of the equipment, the projector and everything else you need, but the live interaction can not be replaced.

I know most people argue that working from home is the best. I will disagree here. Being all together, as a team and asking great questions and actually evolving the lesson, can not be replaced by anything. It may be annoying and time consuming, but it is actually a great learning experience. In addition, it allows you to step out of your office to see what is happening and a little further out. This can not be recorded, nor can it be fixed with your feature-rich Video editing program.

Step by step written instructions

Indeed, this is just as effective, but also time consuming.

Having to write a book, I get bored because it is difficult to avoid creating screenshots for every little thing. It takes hours to create a good set of understandable instructions, which should be changed even if the developer of the program decides to change the logo to something completely ridiculous, which makes no sense except that very small group that voted for something like this to happen.


Hmmm, I do not know. But again, are they still made? Autodesk has also removed them personally.