Speed matters

Lenovo Workstations are proven to run design tasks up to 30% faster than high-performance PCs. They’re also 350% better for 3D graphics and 50% better for CAD. That’s a game-changer in an industry sector plagued by time and cost overruns. 

What you see is what you get

Workstations with the latest graphics technologies mean: 

• Pinpoint accuracy – rendering even complex graphics with ease.

• Better design decision-making – with more realistic simulation of 3D models.

• Effortless analysis of even the biggest BIM datasets – thanks to a large graphics memory. 

MIL-SPEC tested for work-from anywhere reliability Lenovo ThinkPad P Series mobile workstations are #1 for reliability and up to 20% more reliable than competitors.

• Testing to stringent MIL-SPEC standards ensures dependability even in the toughest environments, whether construction site or production line

• Lenovo Performance Tuner fine-tunes the system to handle specific workflows or heavy workloads, eliminating interruptions and improving productivity. 

Configured without compromise When you can have workstations configured to your exact workflows, why accept anything less?

• All Lenovo Workstations support an amazing number of possible configurations.

• And because upgrades and customizations are fast and simple, there’s less downtime and greater throughput. 

Leveling the playing field Maximize efficiency, productivity and ROI with remote working solutions for the most demanding workflows – wherever, whenever.

• ThinkPad P Series Mobile Workstations: Laptop portability meets desktop performance. Your teams have the power to handle any compute-intensive task – from conceptual design to construction documentation, all in a thin and light mobile form factor

• Remote Workstations: Combined with TGX Remote Workstation Software, Lenovo Workstations give you the flexibility to work from anywhere at any time, no matter your file size, application, or collaboration needs

• Power Workstations for Emerging Technologies: Get more done by doing it better, faster, and more efficiently. Game-changing performance opens up new use-cases for reality capture, visualization, rendering, simulation and more.