There are many computers; however, choosing the right machine for important and demanding business applications is more difficult than just looking for the best processor, the most memory or the most "powerful" graphics card. In fact, premium mainstream computers - and much more gaming computers - are designed and built with different needs in mind from those of a highly demanding professional. The specifications, in fact, can hide traps invisible to most.

We can draw a parallel with cars: a truck can have huge horsepower and bestial torque, but it will never win a speed race. Respectively, a Formula 1 car also has huge horsepower and bestial torque but could never travel, carrying cargo, thousands of kilometers, working for hours "in the red". Surprisingly, the ratio fits in part with computers designed for gaming with… trucks! Games have high demands but computers have to work for hours at 100%. On the other hand, Workstations are depending on Formula 1 cars with the difference that they are also able to work for long periods of time, but the requirements for these periods are different and longer! This is the reason why Workstations are intended for professionals with high demands and dominate the media industry, architects and engineers, in the field of medicine, in the economy, in oil companies, but also in the field of Artificial Intelligence (Artificial Intelligence), due to the programs and procedures required to carry out these super machines.

Lenovo has designed the ThinkStation P Series for desktop workstation, but also the ThinkPad P Series for laptop workstation, specifically to meet the needs of professionals, offering computers designed with specifications… Formula 1 Plus! At the same time, Lenovo's build quality is almost… legendary, with consistently lower fault rates - as evidenced by independent studies (TBR Repair Rate study). This is helped by the military-standard tests used to test all ThinkPads, with 12 methods and 22 procedures for mechanical stress, vibration, dust and sand, humidity, extreme temperatures, sunlight, and even fungi!

As we said before, workstations do not have the same requirements as gaming computers  , which is why replacing a workstation with a gaming PC never has the expected results. Graphics cards, for example, of gaming PCs are designed for workloads of  another kind. This is why Lenovo has opted for workstation  of  the P series the Nvidia Quadro graphics cards, which are specialized cards for compute workload and do not have the same architecture, nor the same performance, as the GeForce cards  we find on PC gaming.

On another level, Lenovo's workstations don't just come "as they are" every Lenovo workstation comes with ISV Certification, which means they come with guarantees from the largest software companies (Autodesk, Adobe, SolidWorks, etc.) to support all the functions and features of the programs that are necessary to professionals. ISV Certification shows that there is no way that any feature of their programs will not be functional in a Lenovo workstation.


An additional level of protection offered by Lenovo is The ThinkShield, which is a portfolio of security systems, which start from the most secure fingerprint scanner on the market, include a special security system for Wi-Fi, a unique Self-Healing BIOS, and a mechanical shutter for the webcam! On another level, all ThinkStation and ThinkPad P Series come with support for Linux, with all the major distributions (Suse, Red Hat, Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian), for trouble-free out-of-the-box mode.


Finally, the element that constitutes the differentiated quality of Lenovo's workstation is the universal coverage of all models by a 3-year Premier Support warranty. This means that Lenovo workstation users enjoy services such as "live" problem solving, access to top engineers, detailed hardware and software support, exclusive access to 24/7 phone support, 365 days a year, priority in spare parts and work, personal contact of support and of course global coverage.